Monthly Archives: March 2008

Maven Webapps debug with Eclipse and Tomcat

I like using Maven. I also like using Step-Trace-Debugging. So here is what I do to accomplish this using Tomcat, Maven and Eclipse.



  • Create or Import your maven project into Eclipse
  • Select File > Properties for this project
  • Select the Tomcat property
  • Check the box “Is a Tomcat Project”
  • Enter the context name. For my example, dcmdb
  • Click Apply
  • Go to /conf/Catalina/localhost and edit the context file i.e. dcmdb.xml.
    • Edit the docBase and workDir to point to the location of your maven project
    • Notice that the docbase should point to ../dcmdb/target/dcmdb-1.0 where
      • ../dcmdb = the location of my maven project
      • ../target/ = the directory that is created when using the maven package command
      • ../dcmdcb-1.0 = the directory that is my artifact name. It’s the webapp
  • The final step involves changing the Java Build Path property in Eclipse by pointing the source output to /target/dcmdb-1.0/WEB-INF/classes. This means that once you make a change to your code all you need to do is restart tomcat.

Learning Ruby on Rails 2.0

I have finally made some time to start learning Ruby on Rails. Here’s my story:

Downloading and installing
Well at home I am running windows on a laptop with busted keys. Because one of my offspring keeps ripping keys from the keyboard. The latest victims are the spacebar and the “n” key. Sad but true. So I am a little lazy at times I so installed instant rails:

Finding a suitable tutorial
I then discovered that there is a difference between Rails 2.0 and 1.x. But Rails 2.0 tutorials seem hard to come by (well again if Google does not produce on the first page … then it’s hard to find 🙂

Ones that I did find and am working through:

Will update as I go.