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Professional vs Passionate

Chatting with a bunch of work dudes recently I started thinking out loud about being passionate about what we do and then went into a little rant about it. I think this article by Kathy Sierra seriously influenced me.

Martin Fowler has an interesting presentation on the development of mobile applications and conundrum of the various platforms.

I like this quote from Giles Alexander from Thoughtworks:

“Mobile is the new web: in 2000 businesses were realizing that the future of commerce and customer relations was on the just-exploding web. In a few years time, web commerce had eclipsed traditional off-line commerce. Mobile commerce is currently a fraction of web commerce. But in a few years time it will, in turn, eclipse traditional web commerce.”

What struck me was slide 17 that stated: “The choice between native apps and webapp is essentially between user-experience and affordability”

It will be interesting to see what develops as iOs and Android dominate the market, will Windows make inroads. What about Blackberry? Then there is also the web. How does that all fit in? I guess the consumer will decide.

As a developer, where do I put my skills and learning?

My first Android App

After much time wasting I finally decided to give writing my first android app.

So I went to the official source: After downloading and installing the various bits and pieces, I followed the instructions and was delighted to see “Hello World” running on my Galaxy S2. Stupidly I couldn’t get the app to do exactly what the tutorial wanted. Maybe it’s just late.

My first impressions of looking at the code in Eclipse. It’s very Java’ery. I guess after well over a decade of developing webapps doing the layout of my lame widget seemed foreign. One surprise was a whole heap of XML. Sigh! I thought the powers that be had slayed that beast.

I ordered Professional Android 4 Development from , it has a cool looking Terminator on the cover. Hopefully this book ins’t crap.